As we round out 2012, this time of year always prompts us to take a look at what we have, how we have gotten there and who has helped us along the way.

While hard work, dedication, and passion have lead to a very successful year for Revent, we certainly realize that our success has not been built on our own. From listening to passionate late night phone calls, to playing the role of our very own "devil's advocate" on ideas or even dealing with our new gear occasionally be stacked on the front porch steps; our significant others, family and friends have been the backbone of our momentum.

As we are looking forward to an even busier 2013, we are genuinely thankful for the patience, support and ideas they have offered to help Revent grow and "The Daves" to continue to do what we love to do... help create extraordinary events!

To our family, friends, clients and partners - THANK YOU for all of you help and support throughout the year!  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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