Lighting? Lighting. Lighting!

Up Lighting. Spot Lighting. Bistro Lighting. Accent Lighting.  Ambient Lighting. The list goes on and on. Do I sound a bit like Bubba naming the types of shrimp from Forrest Gump?

There are all sorts of lighting options out there.  But you may be left wondering... Why does it matter and how does it affect my event?  Good questions.

The truth is, lighting  does impact your event on many levels, and here's why. Off the top of your head, think about the best time you've ever had where you were surrounded by florescent or bright lights.  Can you think of any? Now think about your favorite memory where you were surrounded by aesthetically stimulating lighting. How do those memories differ?

Lighting sets the scene for your events' look; not only in person or in pictures, but in the way people remember it.  Lighting and all that goes with it, serves as a way to set the visual feeling whether it be soft tones or vivid colors. Lighting can turn a cold room warm or paint a bare wall to be full of colors. Essentially, they enable you to use your imagination to compliment what may be an already aesthetically pleasing room or enhance a room that just needs a few more visual focal points.

And that is where we come in... Our passion is doing just that...  Taking what you envision and setting the scene for the perfect event.  Whether we do it through Up Lights around the room or adding amoving head light with your custom initials or logo - we can create the mental memory you want to leave behind. Oh, and you'll have some fantastic pictures to look at as well.

So contact Revent Production Group to see how we can help, and leave it up to us to figure out which lights to use, so you can focus a bit more on the fun...


Dave Paprocki

Co-Owner & Event Manager 

Revent Production Group