"What is the number one thing that makes a great wedding disc jockey?" The answer I give may surprise you. It's not music selection. It's not the equipment used. So what is it?
My answer is surprising, because it is something that most people don't take into consideration at all. The planning and follow through of the events

Okay, that might be two things but they certainly go hand and hand.
At Revent, we pay particular attention to the details of the events, and everything leading up to them.

For weddings, we always sit down with the couple to go over the details of the entire evening, from timing to wrap up. I always say it is the next step after you send the invitations out. Many people don’t take into consideration the flow of events. Having them in a good order is important to keep everyone, the bride and groom, guest, and even other vendors such as caterers, happy!

The events such as grand entrance, cutting the cake, first dances needs to be plotted in order to insure the outcome is what the bride and groom expects. Do you want it to be an elegant multicourse dinner or a dance party?

I also mentioned the follow through, this is very important. Who will make sure the guest of a wedding reception have a good time? I can tell you the hall staff, caterer, and photographer don’t care about having a good time. The bride and groom have too much on their mind. Worrying about whether it is time to cut the cake, is the photographer here to capture this shot, is the last thing you want to be doing at your reception. So the answer is the DJ.

A great wedding DJ will make sure everyone is in the right place at the right time. Waiting on a dad to run to the restroom before the father daughter dance or worse a photographer missing the first dance all together is awful. All things we have helped manage to avoid! As a guest sitting around for a long time after dinner is boring. A great DJ works to make sure all of these issues are avoided as best possible, and if they do happen, maintains the flow of the evening.

At Revent we go over the events and timeline for the reception. Revent DJ’s in Cincinnati, OH always make sure to stay one step ahead to let the photographer what is going to happen next. We also let the caterer know that the evening is running a bit behind so they don’t start serving dinner before a toast is said. Revent DJ’s also make sure the best man is ready for his toast and not posting up at the bar...

How do you want to remember your wedding? How do you want your guest to remember it?

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